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        About me

        be fearless in the pursuit of what gets your soul on fire

        About me

        I wish to accompany couples who tick like me. Creative couples who plan their wedding with great attention to detail and marry exactly as they are and who do not claim to be perfect in every detail. I wish that you would let me fall and be all of you, allow me to photograph you the way you are and how only your loved ones know you. I want to freeze moments. Happy moments you spend with your loved ones. Moments full of emotions that you want to look back on – over and over again. It’s about you. Your big day and your love. Let’s create something wonderful together and be your wedding photographer.

        My name is Jeanine and I am a wedding photographer from Berlin, I have made my love for photography a profession. I create emotional & authentic wedding reports that have nothing to do with kitschy and posed wedding pictures. Since 2015 I have been accompanying bride and groom all over Berlin / Brandenburg, Germany and the world and tell stories with my pictures, how I experienced them. Genuine and unadulterated. Capturing these small and big gooseflesh moments for eternity and touching people with my pictures is what makes my job so unique to me! I look forward to hearing your story and accompanying you on your great wedding day. Photograph yourself as you are and as only your loved ones know you. My wish is that you feel connected to me and my work, that we are human and stylistically in tune with each other and share a philisophy. By the way, weddings in the boho and hippie style, barn weddings, free weddings, forest weddings, Destinationweddings / foreign weddings and elopements are especially welcome, because that’s the best way to identify myself. So if you are still looking for your wedding photographer in Berlin, a wedding photographer Potsdam & environment or anywhere else in the world and all but celebrate any princess weddings or would like to climb through a heart in bed sheets, then we should meet! Check out my work and feel free to email me if you feel like I could fit in with you and your wedding. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you my next big adventure and celebrating your love and being your wedding photographer. I am a very loving person who always tries to sweeten the life of other people. I have 2 men in my life who are my one and only! My husband and my little son. Through the two most important people in my life, I know exactly what really matters. Love and family!

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        I can not say that exactly. At the age of 17, I got a camera from my parents for my trip around the world. From then on, I tried everything. Beginning with families and beauty shots to baby showers. Until I realized when I was 24 that I was not real and did not identify with it. Since then I have specialized in couple and wedding photography and I enjoy it! In addition, I love to accompany families to record their greatest moments of happiness.