TO MENU
        In April, I photographed Mürille and Jonathan in beautiful Denmark. The two were newly engaged and wanted to have some photos for the wedding invitation cards and save-the-date cards. I am always a total fan of engagement photos, the emotions are so natural and the love and joy of the big day is palpable!
        Are not the dunes a dream? And only the long sandy beach! The two did really well for their first time that they were in front of the camera. They did not even hear mic and like two young teens eating around. I am very happy that they have booked me as their wedding photographer. Her wedding with the family will take place next May and I'm curious to see what apricot will wear for a wedding dress. But she will look stunning, I have no doubt about that! Great, I would like to have a bridal couple shoot in these great dunes :) So, dear Danes, I also like to come to you to record your wedding;)