TO MENU

        In November we were finally able to fly into the warmth after the long wedding season. Since I am a total Italian fan, not only because of the delicious food;) we decided for Sicily. I was fortunate to have a great engagement shoot and would love to accompany an Italian wedding. The light and the mood is completely different than here in Germany. Everything much warmer and brighter :) I'm looking forward to the Destination / Elopement wedding, which I can document in Cyprus :)
        It was not quite as warm as I had hoped but what do you expect for a weather in November. During the day it was just under 20 degrees but very windy. A recommendation to all parents of small children, do not look for an airbnb of a mountain town. With a toddler and bugs that's really no fun

        It was just under 400 steps up and down to the main street and just go shopping fast is one can forget synonymous. Because the alleys are so narrow that you want to leave the car for the rest of your vacation. Our accommodation was really a dream and we could sunbathe and play on the large terrace.

        Of course we had to go down to the sea and finally I wanted to see the Etna. On the way to Taormina, we passed a delightful fishing village, which provided so many great photo opportunities. Of course I can not just leave the camera in my pocket as a wedding photographer :)

        Die wohl mit schönste Stadt, mit einer so entspannten Fußgängerzone ist Taormina. Ein MUSS für den Sizilienurlaub.

        And finally Cefalu, from which I had unfortunately promised more, because except the one motive it is clearly not to compare with Taormina.

        I'm looking forward to the Tuscany holidays and the beautiful shootings I'll have there. Because the Mediterranean light is just a dream! And vlt is indeed a wish come true and I may accompany a Destination Wedding / Elopement in Tuscany :)